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Meet The Animals

Encounter the many animals from around the world that make up our zoo community. From lemurs, sloths, tigers, bison, wolves, emus, and more, these beautiful creatures have big personalities and even bigger hearts.

Our animals are always looking to make new human friends. Before your visit, you can learn all about them by clicking here to enrich your experience and call each animal by their names!



Sloth Encounter

Starting in Fall of 2021, visitors will be invited to schedule an encounter with our sloth Lucia. Visitors will have the opportunity to enter Lucia's enclosure and meet Lucia with the supervision of a trained staff member. 


Encounter Information

Encounters are limited to 2 people at a time (2 individuals 17 and older or 1 adult and 1 child 6-16 years of age). Participants must be 6 years old or older. Participants 16 years old and younger must have a paid adult present. 17 year olds must have an adult present but they are not required to participate in the encounter (will have to wait outside of the enclosure).

Mandatory mask requirements may be put into place in the future in order to protect you, the zookeeper, and Lucia.  There will be no exceptions if this requirement is put into place.  

*Encounters must be reserved and paid for at least 24 hours in advance.
**Encounters may be refunded if canceled at least 48 hours prior   to scheduled encounter time.

Schedule Sloth Encounter!

Other Events and Volunteering

The Friends of Wright Park Zoo is always hosting fun events that folks of all ages can enjoy. From trick-or-treating complete with Dodge City's finest animal costumes to Earth Day zoo cleanups, look out for opportunities to participate or volunteer by following us on Facebook!

Yellow Naped Amazon Parrot

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